School Assemblies

Have an Assembly at your School!

PlayItSafe Defense school assemblies teach students the importance of awareness and setting appropriate boundaries through role play and edu-tainment. We use children from the audience to demonstrate our fun, Chihuahua Crazy techniques. Contact Safety Sofia for detailed information on the content of each assembly.

Keep Your Power: Be A Winner

This bully prevention and conflict resolution presentation teaches your students six ways to keep their power when confronted with mean behaviors. We also cover various types of mean behaviors. We stress that kind words are powerful words! Verbal karate and conflict resolution are demonstrated in this interactive assembly.

Stranger Awareness and Safety

Children learn to recognize inappropriate behavior and to trust their instincts when someone or something doesn’t feel right. They are taught the importance of reacting quickly, going “Chihuahua Crazy!”, and escaping a bad situation should be their #1 goal. Personal body safety is also discussed.

Summer Safety

A perfect way to send students off for the summer break. This class can be presented during school hours or for a “Family Safety Night.” Topics include: vacation and travel safety, stranger awareness, getting along with new kids at summer camp, hanging out at friend’s houses, and more.

Length of Course:

45–55 minutes Fee: $225.00 for first assembly and $175.00 for each additional assembly.  A mileage fee may apply for outside of Jefferson county school district depending on distance and time of day. Please e-mail for pricing outside of Jefferson County.