Self Defense Products

Damsel in Defense® Product Line

Lookout Mountain Self Defense and Safety Sofia are proud to present the self defense line of products from Damsel in Defense®.

These top-of-the-line safety devices are backed with a lifetime warranty on all Security On The Go, Pepper Spray and Stun Gun products. We offer a 90 day warranty for products in all other categories.

Personal Stun Devices

These stun devices are easy to operate and pack a punch. They also come with a lifetime warranty. Check them out!

Pepper Spray Devices

These simple, but effective sprays contain 18% Oleoresin Capiscum with a 2 million scoville heat unit rating, and a UV identifying dye.

Personal Striking Tools

These tools are ultra-slim for concealability, durable and lightweight machined aluminum with a no-slip grip contour.

Conceal Collection

These wallets, purses, and backpacks feature concealed areas for your personal protection devices, RFID blocking tech, and great storage.

SAFE Hearts Books

These beautfully illustrated books help younger people understand difficult concepts about showing compassions, keeping yourself safe, and helping others.

Protect & Fortify Wellness

Protect your health like you protect your personal space with this line of immune-boosting supplements, gut health, and skin and joint health.